Planets Gone Rogue! update V 1.10 released

2014-11-18 17:09:28 by OMBG

And update has been released for Planets Gone Rogue!

Changelog V 1.10

Added 3 different difficulty settings when starting a new campaign. Please note the new scoreboards for the new difficulty settings. The "Medium"-difficulty equals the game settings like they were before this update, existing highscores are transferred to the Medium-Scoreboards.

Added a "custom" difficulty setting that allows you to configure some campaign parameters for a custom challenge. When playing a custom campaign, you won't be able to unlock most of the medals and scores won't be posted on the scoreboards since the custom settings can be used to make it very easy (or difficult) to achieve certain things in the game. If you miss a certain setting, please let me know, I'll try to add it in a future update.

The yellow "monetary incentive"-line will now only move to the right on the map, it is now not possible anymore to downgrade your planet to grind the low-difficulty planets for extra money.

Added an option to change flash player draw quality. This setting will be remembered and reapplied every time you start the game.

Added an option to display the numeric health value of the planet during the battle.


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