Planets Gone Rogue! V1.06 released

2014-11-06 15:11:23 by OMBG

An update for Planets Gone Rogue! has been released today.


Changelog V 1.06:

Fixed bug with the “split projectile” artifact bonus when applied to rockets

Corrected the color of the rocket inside the “offscreen rocket” warning marker for enemy rockets

Decreased the price increase for artifacts by 50%

Increased the chance to recover a useful artifact slightly

Increased the chance to recieve health from green planets slightly

Increased the amount of money found on green planets slightly

Fixed a minor animation bug in the selection crosshair

Fixed a bug with the upgrade buttons where the button would still be displayed when buying the fifth upgrade of a category

Increased reload time and decreased damage for rocket launcher

Decreased effect of damage upgrade for machine gun

The chance to get a new quest is increased per fields scanned since the last quest was given (before it was increased by “scans since the last quest was given”)

Added a “Skip”-Button in the lower right corner to skip cutscenes. In battles the first press jumps right to the enemy planet view, the second press starts the battle.

Fixed a bug where technologically advanced super turrets were hovering in space.

Fixed an issue where the last click on a dialogue window would always count as a click on the element underneath as well

Fixed a bug where rockets could get stuck on other elements

Made the buttons in the upgrade screen tutorial more restrictive to prevent players from getting stuck in that screen during the tutorial


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