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Planets Gone Rogue! Update released

2014-11-02 19:17:00 by OMBG

An Update has been released for Planets Gone Rogue! today. 

Changelog V1.05:

Corrected typo in the status screen

Removed glitch in the upgrade screen where hidden buttons still could be pressed.

Added additional text to the tutorial explaining the save feature.

Continue Button is displayed always in the main menu, but is displayed as “inactive” when there is no running campaign.

Weapons will now stop firing immediately when destroyed or stunned by an EMP hit.

Adjusted AI so it won’t fire with weapons that are almost utside 
of the screen.

Increased base money a bit and added a +10 health bonus per planet level.

Increased base price for the rocket launcher so players won’t encounter a planet packed with those directly at the beginning.

Reduced the effect of the speed upgrade for the plasma cannon.

Rockets are now slightly larger and color coded so you can easier identify enemy rockets.


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