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Posted by OMBG - June 23rd, 2015

Blowy Fish V 1.06:

New feature: costume sets! Collect & equip a specific set of items for additional funny effects on your fish.

Added a mysterious new leaderboard that might be a hint for a hidden minigame.

Added a few new unlockable items

Game will now continue in the correct last played game mode even if you quit while gambling for new items

Game now displays a notification when you unlocked all items. 

Fixed a bug where the fish would not stick to the seaweed bushes in some cases.

Fixed some minor cosmetic issues with some items

Added a delay after a seashell has spit you out for 3 times to prevent endless loops

Posted by OMBG - June 10th, 2015

An update has been released for Blowy Fish:

Blowfish grunts now when in pain, smiles when starfish are picked up
Zooming starts earlier for better overview
Levels start in a more interesting environment now
Made the loading screen brighter
Numerous small UI improvements
Changed introduction to items for new players
Fixed an error with seashells and particle effects
Fixed a bug where the player could fall below the floor
Fixed an issue with the "Pearl Collector" & "Penny Pincher" achievements

Posted by OMBG - June 3rd, 2015

An update has just been released for Blowy Fish.

Changes in V 1.02: 

When you gamble for new items you will now always return to the same game mode played before

Fixed an error with the values of pearls in presents

Added an item name text to the inventory screen

Added a new unlockable item

Posted by OMBG - June 1st, 2015

Blowy Fish has just been released to Newgrounds and various other game platforms. In the game you take control of a helpless blowfish that has lost its ability to swim and needs to be catapulted forward with just the right angle and velocity to go past dangerous obstacles and enemies.




The game features a "beatable" level mode as well as a classic endless mode with high scores. Also you can unlock many different clothing items to dress up your blowfish like you've always wanted to.

Play it over here on Newgrounds or visit the Blowy Fish homepage for more options. Thanks for considering playing Blowy Fish!

Posted by OMBG - November 25th, 2014

An update has been released for Planets Gone Rogue!

Changelog V 1.11

Fixed a possible dead end in the long tutorial where it was not possible to buy guns in the upgrade screen

Added skip button to credits

Added final Level-Up Screen after the credits

Added self destruct-button: Hit “s” on your keyboard 5 times to blow up your own planet.

The Android version now has achievements and leaderboards with Google Play Games integration, so if that’s your jam, I’d suggest you check it out. =)

Posted by OMBG - November 18th, 2014

And update has been released for Planets Gone Rogue!

Changelog V 1.10

Added 3 different difficulty settings when starting a new campaign. Please note the new scoreboards for the new difficulty settings. The "Medium"-difficulty equals the game settings like they were before this update, existing highscores are transferred to the Medium-Scoreboards.

Added a "custom" difficulty setting that allows you to configure some campaign parameters for a custom challenge. When playing a custom campaign, you won't be able to unlock most of the medals and scores won't be posted on the scoreboards since the custom settings can be used to make it very easy (or difficult) to achieve certain things in the game. If you miss a certain setting, please let me know, I'll try to add it in a future update.

The yellow "monetary incentive"-line will now only move to the right on the map, it is now not possible anymore to downgrade your planet to grind the low-difficulty planets for extra money.

Added an option to change flash player draw quality. This setting will be remembered and reapplied every time you start the game.

Added an option to display the numeric health value of the planet during the battle.

Posted by OMBG - November 12th, 2014

An update has been released for Planets Gone Rogue!

Changelog V 1.09:

Added a completely new quick introduction for experienced players that is 75% shorter. You will be asked which tutorial you prefer to play when you start a campaign for the first time. You can always re-activate the tutorial from the options menu to be asked again when you start a new campaign.

Fixed a bug where laser beams could be displayed inside the enemy planet.

Posted by OMBG - November 7th, 2014

Changelog V 1.07:

Fixed a bug where the wrong damage value was displayed for the "Tremor damage" artifact

The laser beam weapons now stop firing when a planet explodes

Fixed the laser beam weapons acting all suicidal and firing at their own planet

Please note that I normally would collect more stuff for a proper update, but there was a game-breaking bug in the previous version that rendered the laser beam weapon useless, so I decided to publish this update as quick as possible to fix this issue.

Posted by OMBG - November 6th, 2014

An update for Planets Gone Rogue! has been released today.


Changelog V 1.06:

Fixed bug with the “split projectile” artifact bonus when applied to rockets

Corrected the color of the rocket inside the “offscreen rocket” warning marker for enemy rockets

Decreased the price increase for artifacts by 50%

Increased the chance to recover a useful artifact slightly

Increased the chance to recieve health from green planets slightly

Increased the amount of money found on green planets slightly

Fixed a minor animation bug in the selection crosshair

Fixed a bug with the upgrade buttons where the button would still be displayed when buying the fifth upgrade of a category

Increased reload time and decreased damage for rocket launcher

Decreased effect of damage upgrade for machine gun

The chance to get a new quest is increased per fields scanned since the last quest was given (before it was increased by “scans since the last quest was given”)

Added a “Skip”-Button in the lower right corner to skip cutscenes. In battles the first press jumps right to the enemy planet view, the second press starts the battle.

Fixed a bug where technologically advanced super turrets were hovering in space.

Fixed an issue where the last click on a dialogue window would always count as a click on the element underneath as well

Fixed a bug where rockets could get stuck on other elements

Made the buttons in the upgrade screen tutorial more restrictive to prevent players from getting stuck in that screen during the tutorial

Posted by OMBG - November 2nd, 2014

An Update has been released for Planets Gone Rogue! today. 

Changelog V1.05:

Corrected typo in the status screen

Removed glitch in the upgrade screen where hidden buttons still could be pressed.

Added additional text to the tutorial explaining the save feature.

Continue Button is displayed always in the main menu, but is displayed as “inactive” when there is no running campaign.

Weapons will now stop firing immediately when destroyed or stunned by an EMP hit.

Adjusted AI so it won’t fire with weapons that are almost utside 
of the screen.

Increased base money a bit and added a +10 health bonus per planet level.

Increased base price for the rocket launcher so players won’t encounter a planet packed with those directly at the beginning.

Reduced the effect of the speed upgrade for the plasma cannon.

Rockets are now slightly larger and color coded so you can easier identify enemy rockets.